Welcome to Lincoln Financial Field, the iconic home of the Philadelphia Eagles and Temple Owls. If you’re planning to attend a game or event at this legendary stadium, understanding the Lincoln Financial Field seating chart is essential to ensure you have the best possible experience. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the stadium’s seating arrangements, helping you make the most of your visit.

The Stadium Overview

Before we delve into the seating details, let’s get acquainted with Lincoln Financial Field. This multi-purpose stadium, often referred to as “The Linc,” is located in South Philadelphia and can accommodate over 69,000 fans. It has been the stage for countless memorable moments in sports and entertainment.

Types of Seating Sections

Lincoln Financial Field offers various seating options to cater to different preferences and budgets. These include:

Club Seats

Club seats at Lincoln Financial Field offer a premium game day experience. When you choose club seating, you can expect to enjoy the game in style with a range of upscale amenities. These seats grant you access to exclusive lounges where you can relax and socialize before and during the game. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their football experience.

Lower Level

If you want to be closest to the action on the field, the lower level seating at Lincoln Financial Field is your best bet. These seats provide an immersive experience, putting you right in the heart of the game. You’ll have a fantastic view of the players on the field, and you’ll be able to feel the energy and excitement of the game in a way that’s hard to replicate in any other section of the stadium.

Upper Level

For those seeking affordable seating with a great view of the game, the upper level is an excellent choice. This section offers panoramic views of the stadium and the playing field. It’s an ideal option for families and groups who want to enjoy the game together while staying within budget. The upper level seating ensures you can still be part of the action and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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The Seating Chart

Let’s take a closer look at the Lincoln Financial Field seating chart:

Lower Level

Sections 101-123:

These sections offer prime seating along the sidelines. If you want to be as close as possible to the on-field action and the players, these are the seats to aim for. You’ll have an unobstructed view of the game, making it an excellent choice for true football enthusiasts.

Sections 124-138:

If you prefer a unique perspective, consider the end zone seats in these sections. From here, you can witness the game’s critical plays and touchdowns unfold right in front of you. It’s a fantastic vantage point for those who love the excitement of end zone action.

Sections 139-147:

The corner seating in these sections provides a mix of views, allowing you to see the game from different angles. These seats can be a great choice if you appreciate a varied perspective of the field and enjoy seeing the game’s strategic elements.

Upper Level

Sections 201-239:

The upper level offers affordable options with a great view of the game. These sections provide panoramic views of the stadium, allowing you to follow the action from a higher vantage point. It’s a budget-friendly choice that still keeps you engaged in the game.

Sections 240-245:

If you’re looking for upper-level end zone seats, these sections are where you’ll find them. From here, you can witness the game’s decisive moments in the end zone. It’s an excellent spot for capturing touchdowns and game-changing plays.

Club Level

Club sections C1-C37:

Premium club seating at Lincoln Financial Field ensures an elevated game day experience. These seats come with exclusive access to luxurious lounges and upscale amenities, making your visit to the stadium truly special. It’s a fantastic option for those who want to enjoy the game in style.

Club sections C38-C42:

For those looking for a corner club seat, these sections offer a combination of the premium experience and a unique perspective. You’ll get to enjoy the club amenities while also having a different view of the game from the corners of the field.

Choosing the Right Seats

Picking the perfect seats depends on your preferences and budget. Consider factors like your budget, desired view, and any additional amenities you may want. It’s essential to plan ahead and purchase tickets that align with your game day expectations.

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Accessibility and Amenities

Lincoln Financial Field is dedicated to ensuring that all fans, regardless of their mobility or accessibility needs, can enjoy the stadium experience. To achieve this commitment, the stadium provides a range of amenities and facilities that enhance accessibility:

Elevators and Escalators:

Lincoln Financial Field is equipped with elevators and escalators to facilitate easy access for all attendees. These facilities make it convenient for fans to move between different levels of the stadium, ensuring that everyone can navigate the venue comfortably.

ADA-Compliant Seating:

For guests with disabilities, the stadium offers ADA-compliant seating. These specially designated areas are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and provide easy access for individuals with mobility challenges. These seating sections ensure that everyone can enjoy the game or event without any barriers.

Family-Friendly Seating

If you’re attending the game with your family, look for family-friendly sections. These areas are equipped with amenities like changing tables and quiet zones, ensuring a comfortable experience for parents and children alike.

Food and Beverage Options

Exploring the variety of food and beverage options is an essential part of the game day experience. From classic stadium fare to gourmet offerings, Lincoln Financial Field has you covered.


Before you even step inside the stadium, make sure to immerse yourself in the vibrant tailgating scene in the parking lots surrounding Lincoln Financial Field. Tailgating is a cherished tradition at “The Linc” and a fantastic way to connect with fellow fans and build the excitement for the game or event.

What is tailgating?

It’s the practice of fans gathering in the parking lots before a game, setting up grills, food, and drinks, and enjoying a pre-game party. It’s a unique and festive atmosphere where fans come together to show their team spirit, share stories, and savor delicious food and beverages. Tailgating offers an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with friends and fellow fans while getting into the game day spirit.

Upcoming Events

While Lincoln Financial Field is primarily known as the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s not just a football venue. The stadium hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, making it a hub for entertainment beyond the gridiron. In addition to thrilling Eagles games, you can also catch other exciting events such as concerts and college football games.Stay updated on the stadium’s event schedule to make sure you don’t miss your favorite acts. From chart-topping music artists to exciting college football matchups, Lincoln Financial Field offers a diverse lineup of events that cater to various interests. Be sure to check the official stadium website or ticketing platforms to stay informed about upcoming events, purchase tickets, and plan your visit accordingly.

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Answering Your Lincoln financial field seating chart Queries

How many seats are in Lincoln Financial Field?

Lincoln Financial Field can accommodate over 69,000 fans during Eagles games and can hold more for certain other events, making it one of the larger stadiums in the NFL.

How many rows are in each section at the LINC?

The number of rows in each section at Lincoln Financial Field can vary depending on the specific section and seating level. On average, the lower-level sections can have around 30-40 rows, while upper-level sections can have approximately 20-30 rows.

What are C seats at Lincoln Financial Field?

C seats typically refer to Club Level seats at Lincoln Financial Field. These are premium seats with access to exclusive lounges and upscale amenities for an enhanced game day experience.

What are the best seats at Lincoln Financial Field for an Eagles game?

The best seats can vary depending on personal preferences. Some fans prefer lower-level sideline seats for a closer view of the action, while others may enjoy the club level for the premium experience. It’s advisable to choose seats that align with your desired view and budget.

Which stadium seats are best?

The “best” seats in a stadium can be subjective and depend on what you value most. Some may prefer midfield or sideline seats for a clear view of the entire field, while others might enjoy the excitement of end zone seats. Premium club seats offer added amenities and comfort. The best seats for you will depend on your individual preferences.

How much is parking at Lincoln Financial Field for Eagles games?

The cost of parking at Lincoln Financial Field for Eagles games can vary based on the specific parking lot and the event. Prices may range from $40 to $60 for general parking, and there are options for pre-purchased parking passes as well. It’s a good idea to check the stadium’s official website or contact their ticket office for the most up-to-date parking information.


A visit to Lincoln Financial Field promises an unforgettable sports and entertainment experience. Understanding the seating chart, choosing the right seats, and knowing the stadium’s amenities are crucial to making the most of your visit. Whether you’re a die-hard Eagles fan or just looking for a memorable event, “The Linc” has something for everyone.